Christmas Party Games for Children

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Christmas party games will delight both kids and their busy, holiday-stressed parents! Hosting a holiday celebration this year? Maybe you’re in charge of the school Christmas party? Wondering how to keep the kiddies happy and entertained during the festivities? Entertain the little ones during Christmas celebrations and get-togethers with printable Christmas party games! Printable games can be easily downloaded and printed from your computer. There are many great games that will keep them entertained and give the adults some time to relax while the little ones play games. Who knows the names of all Santa’s reindeer? Who can pin the star on the tree? Try one of these games for easy party fun!

Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree

The Christmas version of the all time favorite kids’ game! You print the tree and the star, tack tree to a wall and the kids try to pin the star on the tree blindfolded. Kids love playing this game over and over.

Christmas Lost and Found

Children match a picture only game card to the matching picture on the “lost” items sheet. The perfect game for kids who can’t read & those who can! A Christmas game for kids of all ages!

Christmas Trivia for Kids

Just for the kids! Players will have fun trying to answer questions about Santa’s reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, the Grinch and other children’s favorite holiday interests. A fun kids Christmas game sure to produce giggles!

Santa’s Nose & Toes

Given these fun little word clues, see who can figure out the names of these common parts of Santa Clause! Great for the wee little ones. Kids love this Christmas game!

Reindeer Mix Up!

Santa has his reindeer’s names all mixed up! Who can un-mix this jumble of letters to come up with all the reindeer names and then figure out who’s missing? A certain reindeer song will help the kids with this Christmas game!

Holiday Word Finds

Great for the older children. How many Christmas words can be found in a jumble of letters? Choose from traditional Christmas words or holiday terms that are nonreligious (great for the school Christmas party).

Holiday Crosswords

Christmas crosswords are fun for young and old! Family members can solve this together. Great for classroom parties or any holiday get together!

Though the holiday can be stressful with all that has to be done. It’s a great time to relax and spend quality time with friends, family and especially the children in your life. Christmas party games make planning quality time easy and everyone will have fun playing them. Create holiday memories in your house with Christmas party games.