American Chopper Games for the Aspiring Young Rider

One of the best things about the American Choppers is that it gives fathers and sons of America something to bond over. The interactions that come inside watching the show and talking about the manly motor stuff really goes beyond the actual conversation. It is true that any help men can get in terms of ways they can better bond with their sons really make an impact. Here is a great universal game you can use to get the dads involved in a father-son celebration moment: the American Choppers Treasure Hunt.

Okay, so what do you need to do? It is quite simple really; you will make a list of manly-toys (other known as tools) to hide and create a treasure hunt. When preparing your list of tolls for this game, definitely enroll the father-type figure to assist in figuring out what what-cha-ma-hooz and gimo-de-gadgets to include in your list. A simple stroll through the garage should be sufficient.

Once the list is done, gather the items on the list and hide them prior to the big hunt. A helpful hint is to record where each item is hidden so as not to have to deal with a crabby daddy with missing tools later on. Now once they are hidden, get creative and make a list of fun riddles to help find the items.

When the party games start, get ready for a great time. Prepared with a list of riddles in hand, one adult and one child pair up before they head out on this adventure. Search within the pre-designated area for the items on the list. Herein you can have a lot of fun by including prizes for those that gather the most items, the least items, and specific items on the list. Last but not least, remember to have fun and remain in good spirits.