Logitech G930 Gaming Headset Features

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There’s no doubt that Logitech headset products are one of the best gaming headsets of today. Although there are different models, any of the versions currently offered in the market today are highly recommended. The biggest benefit for me was that the Logitech G930 is wireless. No more getting tangled up or someone tripping.

Sound Feature

Among reviews found all over the web about the best gaming headset product, one or more Logitech’s own models are always included in the list. This applies most especially to the Logitech models G35 and G930. Both headsets are equipped with the Logitech 7.1 Surround Sound System powered by Dolby’s advanced audio technology. This provides a very detailed audio experience for gamers. In an actual game, it allows you to practically hear your enemies before you become visible to them.

Both of these gaming headset models from Logitech are equipped with three G keys which can be programmed as desired. They can be customized into different voice morph options to imitate the sounds of cyborgs, aliens, giants, mutants, troll, and space squirrels. These are also equipped with noise canceling capabilities similar to how recording studio headphones are built.

You get crisp and crystal clear audio. These can even be adjusted based on your preference. You can opt to hear yourself more or the background sound instead. The G930’s version even automatically turns off the mic when you shove it out of your way. A red light indicates when the mic is turned off.

Headset Comfort

The G35 Logitech headset further features headband pads which can be swapped with each other. Three pads of thin, thick and contoured shape can be used to adjust the headband to get utmost comfort when wearing them. The G930 on the other hand features full wireless technology in a game headset. The average range it can detect is 40 feet and still delivers high performance despite the distance. Ergonomic design offers a snug, tailored fit that keeps the pressure on the head to a minimum. Plush ear pads give you cushioned comfort and seal out ambient noise

Aside from Logitech’s Surround Sound headsets, other notable products include the Astro A40 wireless system, Turtle Beach Ear Force headsets the PX21 and the PX5, and the Tritton AX 720. Another Logitech headset, the F540 wireless headset is also recommended.

And if you want to get your Logitech headset at a discount, you simply need to know how to get the lowest price from Amazon.

It’s pretty actually pretty easy. From time to time Amazon runs special discounts and deals that you can take advantage of. The Gaming Headset blog does just that. It posts the latest discounts so that you can get your Logitech headset discount.

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