Which TV Is the Best Choice for Gaming, Sports and Movies?

A very common question asked by customers when they are choosing a TV is which type of TV is best for watching sports, watching movies and playing games. Like a lot of things in life – the answer is not simply down to A and B. The best choice depends on your exact preferences, and we are going to try and help you make the right choice for your needs.

Plasma and LCD / LED TVs both have their plusses and minuses but it is generally accepted that Plasma screens meet better with fast motion images such as Sports and Action movies. In saying that however, there are some situations where a good quality LCD / LED TV will outperform Plasma in these situations.


Plasma TVs do a great job in displaying motion on the screen without the pixilation or artefacts that come from the extra processing needed by an LCD / LED TV. This makes them the leading candidate when it comes to viewing fast-paced Sporting events like Soccer, League or Formula 1. The down side to Plasma TVs is that having glass glasses, they are subject to a lot of glare or reflection if you watch TV during the day in a bright lit room.

If you do not watch TV during the day, or do not mind drawing the curtains then Plasma is definitely the way to go in this case. Another big plus is that plasma TVs are much, much cheaper to buy in VERY big screen sizes (60 "plus) than the equivalent LCD / LED TV. mates around for a BBQ and a few drinks around a massive TV screen when the footy's on!

The benefit of LCD / LED TVs when it comes to sport is realized when watching events like basketball, baseball or cricket. These sports have a lot of text based information on the screen – statistics such as score, run rate, fouls etc. These small details do seem to come up better on some of the better LCD / LED models, and of course without the inherent danger of burn in that (while much better protected against these days) still exists with Plasma Screens. The colors on LCD / LED TVs are also more vibrant, which makes the colors of the pitch and jerseys really stand out. They also do not suffer from the glare problem that Plasmas do, as they do not have glass screens. Also, in the exact opposite to Plasma, if you are not the type of person who enjoys great gatherings when watching your team play – then you might not want such a large screen. These days, Plasma TVs are rarely found any smaller than 50 ", certainly from the big brands such as Panasonic, LG, and Samsung. the choice.


If you're into action packed movies with fast panning scenes and explosions such as Spiderman or the Expendables then a Plasma TVs superior motion processing would be better for you. As we said above, Plasma TVs do a better job than LCD / LED TVs when displaying fast motion on the screen without the pixilation or artefacts, and this does come into play when watching movies of this nature.

Plasma TVs also possess a superior Contrast Ratio than LCD / LED TVs, so they will provide you with a deer, richer image if you watch a lot of films with dark scenes – such as Horror movies for example. Plasmas work best in a dimly lit room and are available in very large screen sizes so they are perfect if you want to create that movie atmosphere in your home.

Just like we mentioned with sports earlier on, LED / LCD TVs display finer details better, and the colors on LCD / LED TVs are also more vibrant, and they do not have glare issues. So if you are not an action movie buff, more of a romantic comedy or documentary person then an LCD / LED might be a better option. Also if you watch a lot of daytime soaps or talk shows or after a TV for a small apartment or bedroom then choosing an LCD / LED would also be a more suitable option.


Using the same train of thought applied to movies and sports above, if you're into action packed games with lots of fast paced movements, scenes with explosions shootings, and jumping from scene to scene then a Plasma TVs superior motion processing would be better for you. Plasma TVs superior processing of fast motion on the screen without the pixilation will help when playing games of this nature. Plasma TVs superior Contrast Ratio would also be better for dimly lit games, provide you with a lot more details in dark scenes compared to LCD / LED.

If you're lucky enough to be able to stay home all day and play games – then an LCD / LED will work much better than Plasma in a bright lit room. Some wonderful scenery is created in games such as Uncharted and Fallout – and these types of Role Playing games with vivid colors and imagery do look a lot more spectacular when displayed on an LCD / LED screen. Also, for you hard-core gamers who sit for hours in front of the screen – there will be no burn in issues to deal with when using an LCD / LED TV either.


Rather than a simple "Plasma is better for movies and sport" comparison, think a little deeper when choosing the right TV for you. If you watch a lot of fast motion sport and Action Movies then yes, a Plasma will be better for you. If your TV viewing is done mostly in the evenings, and you are after a very big screen then plasma is also the smarter choice.

However, if your viewing revolves mainly around sports like Cricket, Baseball or Basketball – all of which display a lot of text based statistics on the screen for the duration of the broadcast – then an LCD / LED will be a better choice for you.

So it the TYPE of sports and Movies that you watch which will determine the right choice of TV for you.