Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Packing all the essentials along with efficiency and style may require a lot of thought and creativity, but not necessarily a lot of space. With some smart ideas, you can do more in less space when it comes to bathrooms. Here are some smart solutions for small bathroom design:

1. Pedestal sinks are ideal for small bathrooms but they do not provide storage space. Add storage shelves nearby for more storage. You can also opt for wall mounted sinks to free up the floor area.

2. If the door swings to block a lot of space, consider pocket doors for your bathroom. Traditional swinging doors block a lot of wall space making the bathroom seem stuffy.

3. Recessed shelving can provide lots of storage space in a small bathroom without taking any of your free space. You can also opt for recessed shelves between wall studs as well.

4. Choose a single color or texture continuously through the bathroom to make it seem larger. Using a single color or texture blurs out the edges and ensures visual continuity.

5. Use white color for lending the bathroom an open feel. Continue the whites to the tiles, fixtures and ceiling and use bright colors in other smaller accents and accessories for a contrast.

6. Glass reflectors light and will make your bathroom seem larger. You can use glass in shower cubicles, wall accents and lights.

7. Construct a slender counter running along the length of the wall from your sink to the toilet for storage space and to partially cover the toilet area.