Great Performing Kitchen Appliances Fast and Easy

The kitchen is arguably one of the most used rooms in your home. It’s also the area where the most grease and grime collect. Below is a short list of things you can do to keep your appliances running in top condition.

1. Remove all dishes, cups and silverware from a dishwasher. Add in one or two cups of CLR or Lime-Away product available from your local hardware store. Run the dishwasher on a pots and pan cycle for maximum heating and cleaning. Once this cycle is complete, run again to thoroughly rinse.

This will remove most of the hard water deposits, lime and scale that cause many of the poor performing dishwasher problems. Another good idea is, once completed, refill the Jet-Dry Container to help eliminate spots.

2. Remove the dust buildup from the refrigerator coils. The refrigerator circulates special chemicals that removes heat from the inside of the fridge. That heat is transferred out into the kitchen by coils located either behind or under the refrigerator unit. Dirty refrigerator coils can make your refrigerator up to 30% less efficient. Use your vacuum cleaner attachments to remove all dirt and dust buildup from these coils then your refrigerator will run less time and be much more energy efficient.

3. The garbage disposer is one of the unsung heroes in the kitchen. Although disgusting, they normally do a good job at keeping the garbage buildup at bay. If your garbage disposer smells or is making a lot of noise, here’s a tip that may fix it. First, check to make certain that nothings been dropped into the garbage disposer. Next, fill your garbage disposer halfway with ice cubes. Cut up a large lemon and put into the garbage disposer then fill the rest of the way full with ice. Run the Garbage disposer until the ice has been crushed. This will remove most stuck and rotting food and make the disposer smell fresh. Lastly, run the water in the disposer to remove any ice build up.

4. Use a non-toxic Orange-based degreaser and clean the underside of the Range hood. There’s usually one or two wire mesh filters that can be taken out and left soaking in the kitchen sink to remove the grease buildup. These can be cleaned in very hot water and the degreaser. If your range hood uses a charcoal filter for odor control, now is the time to replace it. Clean the outside with a grease cutting cleaner but be careful that it doesn’t scratch the surface. Now would also be a good time to replace the light bulbs if over a year old. Re install the parts removed for cleaning.

Adding these 4 things to your kitchen cleaning checklist will not only have your appliances performing well but you will feel good about how clean your kitchen really is…at least until the kids come home.