Xbox Error E68 – Xbox 360 E68 Error Repair Tips

The Xbox 360 e68 error is one of the least common problems to affect Microsoft’s latest generation gaming console, and is much less frequently talked about than problems such as the red ring of death or the e74 error. In this article you are going to learn what causes Xbox error e68 codes, as well as the steps that you can take to fix them.

The e68 error on your Xbox 360 is caused by a hard drive/HDD problem, much like all of the problems in the “e6x” family of error codes on the Xbox 360 platform. It can be caused by an internal connection error with the hard drive, a general failure of the hard drive, or overheating of the hard drive. Basically, there is quite a large range of things that can cause the Xbox 360 e68 problem, which can make troubleshooting the issue slightly difficult.

Step one to fix the e68 code on your Xbox 360 is to remove the internal hard drive and try playing your console without it. If it then works, then you can be sure that you can permanently fix the problem. If not, then you will have more serious issues on your console that will need to be checked over by Microsoft, as the e68 is generally believed to be related only to your console’s hard drive/HDD

One way to do this and get rid of the Xbox 360 e68 error would be to simply purchase a new hard drive. However, this can be quite costly and you will lose all of your save game files etc, which is not really what you want. You can actually fix your Xbox 360 yourself for much less than the cost of purchasing a new hard drive, and you will likely get to keep all of your important save data as well.