Introducing the Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve ever worked or spent any time in offices you’ve probably come across this character the Numatic Henry Vacuum cleaner. You’ll see his red face in cupboards, under tables in fact anywhere where an industrial strength vacuum cleaner is needed.

The Numatic Company was started in Somerset at the end of of the 1960s – the company originally designed a commercial vacuum cleaner for cleaning oil and coal fired boilers. This was obviously a very messy job for any cleaner to handle and we can here see where the Numatic Henry Vacuum cleaner got its tough roots.

Their first commercial product was Henrys predecessor – the NVR2 – a steel vacuum cleaners and built about 33 years ago. Numatic are very proud that the majority of NVR2s are still in working order and the company also supplies spare parts for all its Vacuum cleaners from the NVR2 right up to the present day Numatic Henry Vacuum cleaner – the HVR2200.

It’s a commitment to quality and durability that many manufacturers would do well to emulate – no in built design flaws designed to limit the useful life – how many electrical appliance do you see now in working order 30 years later.

Of course there is no need to delve into the history books to see the commercial value of a well built product like the current Numatic Henry Vacuum cleaner The company now operates on a global scale and you’ll see the HVR200 everywhere a tough all round vacuum cleaner is needed – not a Vax, Dyson or any other household name. In fact there are now six million Numatic Henrys in use all around the world – he started his life in 1981 and is still going strong.

If you’re thinking of a tough, good value vacuum cleaner it’s worth investigating the Numatic henry vacuum cleaner – the HVR200. Commercial companies choose this vacuum cleaner for one reason it’s tough reliable and rarely breaks down. In a world where our electric appliances offer us more and more features but generally become less and less reliable over a long period of time – the Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner is a brilliant buy if you just want to buy one vacuum that will never let you down.