Angel Perfume Still A Classic

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Angel Perfume was developed in 1992 and released in 1993 by designer Thierry Mugler. It’s hard to think of that year as being in the last century, but the speed at which fashion changes makes ’92 seem like ancient history! Women’s scents were very different then, and there was no such thing as a blue perfume. Thierry Mugler was ahead of his time when he designed Angel.

Angel is a study in contrasts. The cool, icy blue of the perfume and its packaging contrasts with the warmth of the fragrance’s bases and top notes. At a time when floral aromas were most common, Angel came infused with the smells of chocolate, honey, and caramel. Hints of patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla added still more seductive intimations. Add a few fresh notes of melons, peaches, plums and fresh citrus for a bit of clean wholesomeness. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then this one product that will surely capture a man’s attention. For Mugler, the earthy aromas captured in a crystalline star-shaped bottle defined the duality and irresistibility of Woman.

Some women have said they didn’t like it at first because it seemed too strong, but any fragrance will seem different when different people wear it. Once it adapts itself to your own personal body chemistry, you may decide, like many others, that Angel is your favorite perfume… Especially when you start getting compliments from both men and women!

Totally unique in its time, Angel is now a timeless classic among women’s fragrances. In 1998, five years after its release, it actually outsold Chanel No. 5 in France. Today, the fragrance is still popular and the line of products has been expanded to include everything from body lotions and shower gels to luxurious gift assortments as well as several variations and the occasional limited-edition collector package. Men’s versions are also available.

Like any designer fragrance, Angel Perfume is not cheap. But because of its popularity and pervasiveness, and the fact that it is a suitable fragrance choice for all seasons and all times of day, you can often find substantial discounts. You can get a small sampler for as little as $2 if you shop around. Once you’ve decided that you love it, the refillable bottles make it more affordable . The collectable bottles and limited-edition options make Angel Perfume the perfect choice for a gift of fragrance.