Central Austin Neighborhood Profiles- Old Enfield


Old Enfield is considered one of the older and more genteel neighborhoods in Austin, Texas. Just walk down the tree lined streets of this community and look at the beautiful colonial style historic houses in the area, and you’re sure to be taken back to an earlier time, before computers and before Texas became famous for its oil. In fact, the neighborhood continues to hearken back to an earlier era.

Old Enfield offers a restful retreat in the center of Austin. Situated between 24th St and Enfield Road, west of Lamar Boulevard, Old Enfield offers some of the most beautiful restored mansions in the city. At the same time, though, newer construction homes are also available in the area. From homes that the back almost a hundred years, to homes that were built in the 1950s, Old Enfield offers at all. In fact, the neighborhood even has condominiums and newer apartment complexes on Enfiled Road. From urban professionals hoping for modern condo living to retirees hoping to live in the splendor of an 1800s home, Old Enfield offers a wealth of real estate opportunities as well as wonderful lifestyles.

Thanks to the fact that some of the most prized real estate in all of Austin can be found in Old Enfield, this community is home to some of the most successful and prominent Austin citizens. Stroll along the beautiful streets of this historic community, and you’re sure to see some familiar faces — faces you might be familiar with from the evening news or the newspapers.

In addition to stunning homes, Old Enfield is also famous for its wonderful amenities. Along the eastern edge of the neighborhood, you can find Pease Park, a perfect place to spend Texas afternoons and enjoy warm Texas evenings. The park is usually alive with residents of Old Enfield. The park offers a trail that boasts views of the state capital and Shoal Creek. It is the ideal place for jogging. The park also has one of the oldest golf courses in Texas. An open leash area is perfect for dog lovers, and the many open fields are perfect for Frisbee throwers and loungers interested in reading a good book. In addition to this park, long a favor with locals, the nearby West Austin Park also has plenty of recreational opportunities, and the local Caswell Tennis Center makes it easy to stay fit.

Lamar Boulevard nearby offers Old Enfield residents great shops and restaurants. The University of Texas — and all the amenities that surround it – is also just a few blocks away. Old Enfield residents can easily walk to some of the biggest attractions in Austin, and enjoy some of the best dining and shopping experiences in the region as well.