5 Widespread Kitchen Faucet Installation No-Nos – Know What NOT to Do

Are you about to install a spacious kitchen faucet?

Although the procedure is pretty straight forward especially if you already have experience installing a center-set model, you might still commit some mistakes. What better way to avoid these mistakes but to be aware of them?

Here are 5 things you should avoid doing.

1. Ignoring snap-in fittings. This feature adds to the fixture's cost however there is a reason why manufactures include this in their offer. It allows for a water-tight connection with not much effort from you so saving you time.

2. Not taking the counter's measurements. Materials for countertops do not come in the same size. Thick stone materials like marble and granite naturally require an extension to make the widespread faucet to get all the way down below the sink. Find out how thick your counter is before buying a faucet and for you to be able to get the right extension kit.
3. Not using the template. Why do you think do manufacturers include a template or spec sheet with the fixture they sell? It is for you to use as a guide when cutting a hole to install the fixture. Not using it may result in mistakes difficult to cover up.

4. Not asking for other people's help. You'll be needing to do some tightening below the sink and you need somebody to monitor things above while you're at it.
5. Not using silicone or putty. These materials are necessary to create a tight seal around the faucet housing, around the valve body and supply tubes as well. You need to seal anyplace a hole is created when installing a spacious kitchen faucet.