Designing With Beanbags and Inflatable Decor

Anytime you find yourself decorating a child's room, you can really have a lot of fun, because many of the elements that you include in the design for a child's room are wacky and whimsical. For example, you can brighten up their room by adding inflatable furniture and beanbag chairs. With a variety of colors, styles, sizes and textures, both inflatable furniture and beanbags offer a lot of versatility and snuggly comfort to a child's room.

Beanbag Benefits
Beanbag chairs have been around for about a half of a century, and over the last decade they have regained popularity. Perhaps the children of the sixties are using them to decorate their children's rooms. Regardless of the reason for the beanbag chair resurgence, the new beanbags are even more soft and comfortable than the originals. While the originals were filled with foam beans and covered with vinyl, the updated models are filled with even softer foam stuffing and they come in just about any fabric imaginable from soft plush, to denim, to the original vinyl. So as you are selecting the perfect beanbag for your child's room you will have a few choices to make. First decide what covering you want on the chair. While vinyl is easy to wipe clean, it is hot and sticky in the summer and cold in the winter. A better cover selection may be a removable, washable cover that you can spot clean and occasionally throw in the washer. Then you want to decide what size of chair you want to get your child. You can get them in the tiniest, child sized, round beanbag to jumbo beanbag sofas. Beanbag chairs are great for reading, watching TV or playing video games.

Big Designs with Inflatable Decor
Adding inflatable furniture to your child's bedroom is a great way to add furniture when they have friends over, because when everyone is gone, you can deflate it, fold it up and store it in a drawer. They are lightweight enough for a child to move, and you can find chairs, sofas, ottomans and beds. Inflatable furniture is comfortable and easy to inflate and deflate. Inflatable beds are handy to have on hand when your child has a slumber party. It also offers them the opportunity to reconfigure their rooms by themselves, which builds a sense of pride and ownership.

Great for Adults and Kids Alike
Inflatable furniture is a great addition to your teen's dorm room as well, because they can use it to lounge when visiting with friends and tuck it away when they need more floor space. Also adding the inflatable bed to a dorm room gives their friends a comfortable place to sleep when they visit.

Each room includes a balcony, a coffee / tea maker and a hair dryer.