Family Pet – The Shar Pei

If you are looking into Shar Pei types, you may stumble across the blue Shar Pei. These Shar Pei have a blue coat, since the name and are one of the rare colors this breed comes in. It takes a significant amount of work on the part of breeders in order to produce healthy blue Shar Pei's. This breed has a wonderful temperament and unlike their beloved breed start the chow, they are great with kids. The Shar Pei have their origins in China and were bred specifically for the face, brains and strength, the blue Shar pei is a rare color so expect to pay more if you want one of you would for another color.

A Hong Kong businessperson used a magazine to bring awareness of this breed and its plan to the US in 1973. The dogs were originally bred to be an all-purpose hunting, herding, and guard dog. However, due to the excess skin, which made them hard to grab, they were used as a primary bred for dog fighting. Known for being a reserved breed, the Shar Pei tends to think for them selves and will be over affectionate, loyal and extremely devoted to those it considers family.

The royal family of China created the breed to protect them and their families. This powerful dog is willing to die if needed to protect its family and home. The blue Shar Pei in its rareness is one of the more expensive of the breeds as a warning to the buyer. The Shar Pei was introduced to an US dog magazine in 1973 by a businessperson out of Hong Kong.

There is a need to keep them in very socialized environments and give them the proper training because the breed tends to turn overly aggressive and protective of its territory. Neverheless, even with training and happy social environments, they will keep their guard dog tendencies, being suspicious of strangers or barking at them.

There are a few more things to consider when looking into a blue Shar Pei. The first is that these are not small dogs a Shar Pei can reach between forty and fifty-five pounds. They are also very active dogs so if you live in an apartment make sure that you have the time to really exercise them or that you have a good-sized dog park in the area.

They also do well as an outside dog. However, if you keep a Shar Pei outside then be sure to provide shade and plenty of water as these animals are subject to having problems with the heat. It is also a good idea because of their size that you make sure the complex or homeowners' association if you are living in an apartment or if you are living in a planned community approves of this size dog. These are wonderful dogs and make a great addition on any family.