How the Organic Vegetables From Your Garden Can Improve Your Immune System?

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Do you know that eating the salad you have made fresh from your organic gardening will actually improving your immune system? Salads are mostly containing vegetables like tomato, cucumber, lettuce, carrot when eaten raw, they are rich in enzymes. You can also add in a mixtures of sprouted seeds, grains and legumes as they are also enzymes rich.

Raw food when cooked looses its nutrients and effectively kills the enzymes due to the high heat temperature. Because salads are mostly eaten raw, it actually preserves the precious enzymes within the vegetables.

Enzymes are essential elements for our body health. There are many types of enzymes to help our body to digest carbohydrates, protein and fats. While you are enjoying your salads, your body is absorbing the enzymes. Its best not to combine eating salads with acidic food such as coffee or tea. The vegetables in salads are majority more to alkaline base. Acidic base coffee will counter the effectiveness of the enzymes absorption.

As our body starts to grow older, we looses the ability to produce concentrated digestive enzymes. When you are eating your organic salad food, not only you avoided loading your body with harmful chemical residue, you are also lightening the work load of your body having to produce those necessary enzymes. That way, your immune system will improve overtime.

Alternately, you can choose vegetable juicing. If you do this regularly, you will notice a significant improvement to your health and energy level. So start building an organic garden of vegetables and have a good healthy lifestyle. Its not as difficult as you would think.

You can start with a few vegetables that are easy to grow. If you do not have a big garden, you can also grow in containers.