Windows Care Tool Removal Tutorial – How To Remove Windows Care Tool From Your PC

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The Windows Care Tool application is a cunning infiltration in computers that is presented as an antivirus program to unaware users. Virus's nowdays have evolved to be more difficult to detect and trickier to remove. This particular virus is a formidable infection in your computer, which can come from a number of sources. Typically, any unsecured internet connection will give it a chance to penetrate your computer's security. How will you know if you have this virus infection? Well, read on further to know its symptoms and its cure.

What Is This Virus?

The Windows Care Tool infection is properly referred to as "malicious software" or "malware" application. It is called as such because this software is specifically designed to create malicious activities in computers that cause all kinds of problems for computer users. Thus, the Windows Care Tool program is a dire inconvenience to have in your computer. It needs no permission from you to launch any of its activities. It will suddenly install its false antivirus program into hidden folders in your computer system, meaning that most of the time, users are not aware of what is happening. What happens next is that you can expect to see an antivirus scan taking place, even if you did not request this or open this program by yourself.

The scan this tool performs is, of course, completely fake, a clever part of the Windows Care Tool deception. It will repeatly show up as you try to close it, and display numerous warnings alerting you to many 'dangers' in your computer. It will then start bugging you to buy its upgrade as the ultimate solution to fix your problems. Do not believe these messages or buy the upgrades as they are all lies and will only cause further harm to your PC. Instead, you need to act quickly to remove Windows Care Tool.

How To Remove Windows Care Tool

The Windows Care Tool virus can be removed using two methods – either by manually removing the infection's files, or by using a tool that's going to stop the virus from loading & running. We've found that you can restart your PC into "Safe Mode" and then delete the files that are listed below to get rid of the infection. However, the big problem facing most people is the way in which the virus will continue to come back & reload itself even if you manage to delete its files in the most effective way. The best removal method to stop this virus is to use a program called a "malware removal tool".

This virus will install itself here:

  • /%temp&/[random]/[random].exe

The best way to get rid of the virus involves using a specialized 'malware removal' tool, that can effectively scan your PC and delete all types of malware, including the Windows Care Tool, quickly and easily. Out of the many programs available, one of the most popular recent ones to come out is Frontline Rogue Remover, which comes approved by many well known security software firms.