The Benefits of Entering Into a Service Contract for Your Industrial Weighing Equipment

Coping with faulty weighing equipment can immediately impact on your business efficiency and ability to get the job done

By entering into a customised repair/service contract, covering your most crucial weighing equipment, you will have the confidence that your staff can continue to work without unnecessary interruptions due to equipment failure, and that your scales will be taking accurate weight measurements throughout the day and night.

The professional servicing and repair of your scale equipment should actually save your business money by minimising the impact of any loss of performance.

Look out for a supplier that can design a service agreement around your specific business requirements, and that it’s a flexible contract that can be added to over time, as your plant, equipment and operational needs change.

Why do you need a servicing/repair contract?

Your weighing equipment plays a vital role in ensuring your products are accurate and comply with all weights and measures legislation, so its something your business can’t afford to neglect.

Over time, particularly if your scales are in frequent, daily use, it is almost inevitable that they will lose a degree of accuracy, however slight.

If you have invested in a portable weighing device that might be regularly moved or re-located to different parts of your workshop, it might be more open to accidental knocks etc. Even a minor knock can mean your weighing device loses accuracy. This might be the case with wheel and axle weighing stations that you need to move to different vehicle locations and even sites. Look out for an axle weighing UK service specialist, as they understand the conditions in which equipment is typically used.

Scale accuracy can also be lost if equipment is used in hazardous and/or wet environments, and if they are regularly cleaned down.

A regular service visit will ensure that your equipment remains in good working order

A regular service visit by a business that knows and understands your industry and equipment, say every 6-12 months or so, depending on your environment and weighing needs, will ensure that equipment stays in good working order and is able to perform the tasks you require of it.

Ordinarily when scales need calibration or to be repaired, you would typically call either the manufacturer you purchased your equipment from, or Trading Standards.

Look out for combined expertise – it could save time and money

The good news is that there are a few weighing specialists out there that can provide a repair, service and UKAS approved calibration service, as a single contact. That means your staff will have one contact point for everything should something go wrong or they need advice.

Lifetime support and surety – preventive servicing really works

One of the main benefits of entering into a servicing/repair agreement is that you can expect accuracy and reliability over the lifetime of your weighing scale.

By having equipment regularly serviced and inspected by trained technicians, scale problems should be highlighted and dealt with before they escalate, so you can look forward to constant, efficient processing and accurate production runs.

Regular calibration is also essential

It is a legal requirement that weighing equipment is regularly calibrated, so make sure this forms part of your service agreement.

Upgrades, replacements and additions

A professional service provider that understands your weighing requirements and industry standards should also be working with you, to ensure that your present set-up continues to meet your demands. A reputable supplier should be able to chat to you about compatible upgrades, replacements and additions providing even more scope for increased efficiency, processing and business savings.

It pays to check out the experience of your preferred service supplier, to make sure they have the necessary insight and technical knowledge about the weighing equipment you currently use.

Impressing customers, complying with quality expectations

Customers these days want to work with professional, capable suppliers that can prove their diligence and ability to fulfil their needs.

By having your weighing equipment regularly serviced and by keeping records to prove it, you can provide traceability to nationally recognised quality standards, but also impress your customers by producing the paperwork to back up the accuracy of your equipment.