Wine Bottle Mood Light

Make these lovely mood lights for your bar or dining room; make them for gifts; or make them to sell. I sell mine for $ 30.


Empty wine bottle and cork

Square cardboard jewelry box (to form base for lamp)

String of battery pack Christmas lights + batteries

Plastic grape cluster


Black spray paint

Multi-purpose strong glue like Household Goop or E-6000


The base will be made from the cardboard jewelry box. Normally the top fits over the bottom of the box and forms an overhang. To create a smooth profile for your base, measure and cut off a strip from two of the top's sides so that the top fits snuggly inside the base.

The bottom of the jewelry box becomes the top of your lamp's base. Position the battery pack in the corner you have just cut two strips from. The side of the battery pack with the on / off switch will be flush with the edge of the lamp base so that the light can easily turn on and off.

Trace the outline of the battery pack onto the other part of the box and cut the opening. Refer to the picture above. In front is the cut box ready for assembly. In back is an assembled lamp base with the on / off switch accessible through the opening.

Spray the outsides of the two box parts with matte black paint. Allow to dry. Glue the battery pack in place and let dry. Then snap the lamp base together.

Glue the wine bottle on top of the base. Snake the light string into the neck of the bottle. Try to get the lights to spread out as evenly as possible. It helps to turn the lights on when you do this.

Take several strips of raffia and tie them around the top of the grape cluster. Then tie the raffia and grapes tightly around the neck of the bottle (making sure to go under the light string). Tie raffia in a bow and arrange the raffia strands. Trim the ends to desired lengths.

Leave a little slack on the wire to make changing batteries easier. Insert cork.

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