Easy Beading for Children

Children love to create things, and when you give them easy beading projects to do, it will keep them entertained for a long time. Little girls love to create beaded jewelry that they can actually wear, and little boys would probably be making key chains to give as presents, or beaded designs that they could hang on their backpacks.

Take your children with you to the craft store and let them pick out their own beads, beading wire, and possibly even a beading loom if you are willing to spend that much money. Although there are toy kits that you can buy for children that have everything they need to make bead jewelry, you will get better quality equipment if you buy your beads and other accessories from a craft or bead store.

Although there are a lot of jewelry patterns that you can buy at craft or bead store that would make easy beading for your children, you might want to just let them use their imaginations and see what they come up with. Allowed a child to be creative instead of simply following a pattern is not only good for the child; it helps you find out if you have a budding creative genius on your hands! Make sure your children are old enough that they no longer put things in their mouths, and be sure to provide at least some light supervision so you can give them help with their easy beading if they need it.