A Couple of Fine Dining Tea Party Games

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Even though a tea party should be sit down, it should also have some entertaining tea party games to keep the guests awake.

Tea Words:

Before the tea party games start, make up a list of unusual words from the dictionary. You can make each of the words you choose relatable to the theme of tea party if you like. Then create index cards with each word chosen placed on a separate card. Below that word you will place multiple choice options for the definition of said word. You could create an index card for the words, White Tea, with the following: A) A Chinese Tea created for foreigners, B) a tea made from leaves that are specially prepared to preserve the most antioxidants, C) a tea that has hallucenagenic properties. In the case of this word the correct definition would be, B.

Ask each person a word definition in turn and have them guess an answer. However is right at the tea party games gets a point. Keep a tally and the person with the most points is the winner.

Tea Mime:

These silly Tea party games are great to get a laugh out of your guests and it works best at tea parties where everyone knows each other. Write down the names of all the guests on pieces of paper and during the Tea party games have everyone draw a name from a hat. If a person draws their own name at the tea party games he or she must put it back.

Then tell the group that each player will mime the dominate emotion of the person whose name they've drawn at the party. If Aunt Joy is really happy then someone would act really happy and the other players at the tea party games would have to guess who the player is imitating.

Fun, fun, is all you'll have with these two tea party games for your guests. You never know when you'll need them so keep the games handy for other impromptu events.