Luxury Yachts – Nothing But a Class Apart

A very expensive and professionally crewed yacht, luxury yachts are one of the prime symbols of wealth and affluence. These floating machines are a sight to behold owing to their often majestic customs and designs. The popularity of luxury yachts have significantly increased over the past two decades and their warm presence are seen ever so frequently these days, moored across the private and posh harbors or sailing the tranquil waters around the world. Although a yacht is generally registered with one particular port of a country, it does not really have a home port. Some yachts are privately owned and are then only used by their owners; others are handed out for chartered businesses which are used throughout the year.

A luxury yacht can vary greatly is size and can range from 24 meters to over 100 meters. The ones which are over 50 meters in length are also often termed as "super yachts" and usually have 3 decks and can accommodate at least 10-12 guests.

These yachts usually have a lower, main, upper as well as a sun deck. A lower deck consists of a swimming platform as well as some cabins to accommodate guests. Some of these yachts also have "VIP" suits made for special guests. Each of these cabins of course has showers and baths attached with them. The main deck generally consist of a saloon as well dining rooms and galleries. Conventionally the cabin of the owner lies in this particular deck. Next, in the upper decks there are facilities usually present for outdoor dining as well as bar which is often well staffed. Having a gym equipped with it is not unusual either. The sun deck is almost like a special feature and can sometimes include a Jacuzzi. Most modern yachts have multiple flat screen televisions as well as satellite communications facilities throughout the graduation.

The sheer numbers of luxury yachts have significantly increased over the last 20 years and more importantly, it is only the ones which are over 65 meters in length that stands out. Yachts of such tremendous sizes are usually extremely costly and can go up to as high as 10 million dollars. Some yachts can cost their owners more than what they had paid for their luxurious homes – which are usually among the best homes around and are also extravagently priced.

Today, the numbers of the 100 meter ones are still low but constantly moving towards an upward trend curve. Some of the very large ones have started to add more features to their already impressive suite. For one thing, helicopter hangers and indoor swimming pools are also being added while some also have small submarines attached. This growing number of super-yachts has given rise to more colloquial terms such as "mega-yacht" and "giga-yacht" so as differentiate them from the other smaller luxury yachts.

Luxury yachts are a class apart and are a true indication of a person's wealth and are also extremely convenient modes of transportation in water. They make life easy on their users and enable them to spend a leisurely and enjoyable experience.