If God Joined You at Work-Would You Notice

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While many people try to lead a spiritual or religious life by attending church or synagogue services each week or by meditating and praying alone, most often thoughts of God or feelings of Divine connection found during such activities are lost on Monday morning when these very same people enter the workplace. Despite the fact that most religions hold the belief that God exists everywhere, no matter their religious or spiritual persuasion, most people would not even notice the Divine Presence if It was imprisoned at their boss's desk – let alone at their own. They would most likely ask the "boss" a question, receive the answer and walk away or sit down at their desk never noticing they were sitting on the Divine lap.

So, what's a spiritually oriented person to do? Simply go through the work week devoid of spiritual feelings, unable to connect with the Divine and without thought or sight of God?

No. Bringing God to work represents a matter of consciousness. When we are conscious of the Divine Presence in the work place as well as in other areas of our lives, we not only feel connected to God but we allow ourselves to see God working in the office and in our coworkers, clients and customers. We simply must keep the thought of God and our beliefs about how God operates in the world at the forefront of our minds.

It does not take much to create a spiritual attitude at work. Even small reminders of God switch our awareness from the small details to the bigger picture.

Here are three ways to bring God to work with you on a daily basis:

1. Create a sacred space in your office: Creating sacred space can be as simple as lighting a candle every morning when you enter your office or cubicle and saying a short prayer asking to feel and see God's presence during your work day. If you are sensitive to smells, you could burn incense or scented oils or candles. You can play soft music or place sacred objects on your desk. The point is to make space for God to coexist with you during the work day. In other words, create a sanctuary both for yourself and for God, and your work will take on a more spiritual nature.

2. Voice the intention to have your work day feel spiritual: Intention offers an often-overlooked energy that helps us achieve our goals and realize our dreams. When you light your candle each morning, add to your prayers your intention to feel and see God's presence during the day. If you feel uncomfortable lighting a candle in the office, then simply stop in your doorway and voice your intention. Or, you can sit at your desk when you first arrive in the office and meditate for a minute or two while visualizing your intention becoming reality. What would your day look like if God accompanies you to work? Try to feel what this would be like as well as to visualize it. Do this at least once a day if not more often, because combining thoughts and feelings in this manner helps us create what we desire.

3. Make time for God through the day: Despite the fact that everyone these days feels too busy to add anything else into their schedule, it is possible to take a "time out for God" periodically. You can set your watch to ring every hour, and as it does, simply look around and offer a silent blessing for something you see or something happening at that moment. You can say a blessing before you eat your snack, drink your coffee, eat your lunch. You can ask for God's assistance each time you write an e-mail or answer the phone. Remember to thank God every time something good happens as well. Every little thing you do that keeps God at the forefront of your mind or that acknowledges God's work lends a spiritual quality to your day.