Instructions, Tennis Lessons and Tips – How to Teach Tennis to Your Kids

Playing any kind of sport is pretty easy. From kids, to teens and adults, any sport can seem pretty easy to learn. Let’s take tennis for example. Prepare instructions, tennis equipment, and balls then you’re ready to teach this sport to your kids or young students. One of the basic things they need to learn is to be able to hit the ball and send it over the net towards the other side of the court. Once they know how to do this, the rest should be pretty simple and easy. You can also share with them some backhand and forehand instructions, tennis drills and other techniques; give them some nice comfortable tennis shoes for their footwork; and your kids will be more than ready to learn tennis.

Now don’t get too excited just yet. You have to be able to motivate and inspire your kids first. Playing tennis is not just about following instructions, tennis techniques and tips, but also trying to inspire them to believe in themselves, that they can be great players too should they really want to be an expert on the game.

Once you’ve given your inspiring words of wisdom to your kids, you can then commence giving them basic, simple instructions, tennis tips and techniques. After they learn hitting the ball over the net, you can then teach them about hand-eye coordination and form. Soon enough, through constant practice, they will get used to doing these things and they will get better at their game.

One other thing you can make them do is to let them watch instructions, tennis drills and game, live. Letting them watch players out in the court will make them learn much faster. Or you can just rent a tennis video or download videos on instructions, tennis techniques and drills at or on and watch these with the kids. If ever they get confused, you can always pause the video and rewind it so you can explain it to them much better.

Come to think of it, audiovisual presentation is actually one of the best tools for learning. You can rewind it, or fast forward it, or pause it when it gets too hard to understand, or you can watch it over and over. And in this instance, getting instructions, tennis tips and drills on video will tremendously help your kids get better at this sport.

With these simple instructions, tennis can become one of the best sports to play for kids. It’s not just physical exercise, improved stamina and better health that they will get out of it, but they can learn the value of discipline and control too.