Handmade Silk for Family Heirlooms and Keepsakes


Are you like so many others who like to keep items that will always remind you vividly of those special occasions in your life? Perhaps it’s a photo album or some old records or tapes or perhaps collections of sentimental bits and pieces kept in a chest under your bed.

Think of those times when you open the chest for a little peek and relive the wonderful memories held within your keepsakes. Maybe you hold onto these items to share with your children and grand-children.

Usually your “memories treasure chest” contains things like photos, family or love letters, a music track that reminds you of your first date or perhaps some jewelry items. And maybe even your wedding dress. This is interesting as for many women when they think back to those wonderful times and memories, it is the clothes they remember most clearly that were associated with the particular memory.

Perhaps these clothes have been discarded simply because they would take up too much space as well as being out of fashion. No doubt your children, especially your daughters, would have loved you to have kept these clothing keepsakes.

Just think about all the magical stories and adventures you could have shared around that clothing piece you wore for your first date, prom night, your wedding, that first big promotion dinner and many other memorable occasions. Your daughter(s) would be mesmerized by such a discussion with mum. No doubt on many of these occasions you may have used a handmade silk scarf to top off the perfect outfit.

Fortunately handmade silk scarves are made to last and have the added advantage of not being a bulky item – a perfect solution to those “clothing keepsakes memories.”

Simply the touch and colours of your handmade silk scarf will easily transport you back years to the time when you first wore it and all those associated happy memories. So get excited and think of all the wonderful stories you have stored up just busting to be told to eager family members.

Your handmade silk scarves not only solved your space problem but they may well be treasured family heirlooms that are actually continually used. The durable and unique features of handmade silk items make them a perfect gift item as well as the dispenser of many wonderful family memories.