Why Buy a Used Appliance Part?

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First of all, it is environmentally friendly to purchase recycled items. Second, it is cost-effective to do so. Lastly, they can be just as reliable as new parts; especially considering how cheaply new parts are made these days. In this article I'll explain further the benefits of buying parts used.

So the first reason why to buy used appliance parts is to be environmentally friendly. With landfills rising higher and higher, why not purchase something recycled instead of adding to the problem? Understanding why to purchase a recycled part can help the environment as well as your pocketbook.

The second reason why to buy used appliance parts is because it's frugal to do so! With the US economy going further downhill, why not save some cash and buy a used part? Buying a small used part such as a switch might not save you a fortune, but consider this situation. Let's say you have a repairman come out to your house to fix your washer. You pay him to come over and find out what the problem is, usually by the hour. Then he tells you that the motor is shot, well, you are probably looking at 100-200 dollars or more by buying a new motor. That does not even include the cost of installation and other show up fees. Or you could learn how to install a motor by researching it online, and buying a used motor (which comes with a warranty usually) for half the price.

Another quick tip for used appliance parts is to do your research about the seller and the part that you want. Make sure they verify you are getting the correct part; you will usually need your model number for that. You should only buy used parts from sellers that offer warranties with their parts, just in case. Look for sellers who include pictures and other detailed information about their parts. Beware of low-quality used appliance parts; you may have to replace them after only a few months. So in essence, only buy from trusted dealers. (If you're on eBay, just look at the seller's feedback.)

My last reason why to buy used appliance parts is because they can be just as reliable as new parts. I'll tell you why. Companies are trying to save money these days by creating their parts using cheaper materials. Most of the parts that used to be made of metal are now made with hard plastic or other cheap materials. This can cause the part to wear out faster, meaning you'll have to replace it more often. Sometimes you can not circumvent this problem, but that's the main reason why I would purchase a used part instead of new.

In summary, purchasing a used appliance part can help save you money, the environment, and they also can be more reliable.