Your Bath Towel – How Many Do You Really Need?

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Is that true? Is it true that the bath towel is the one linen item that you can never have too many of? Is there a need for a multitude of bath towels or could you make do with just a few? And if you do need to have more than one bath towel, how do you choose which towels to buy when you go to the store? How often should you stock up?

The truth is that the towel is more versatile than you might think! Sure as a kid you might have only used that single towel to dry off after a bath or a shower or a swim. As an adult, however, that bath towel becomes a multi purpose drying tool. You can use bath towels to dry up large spills or to soak up fluids when a sink or a tub overflows. You can use towels to carpet an area when you want to keep it safe. Many people use towels as “catchers” when they cut hair. Sometimes bath towels can even be used to keep you warm when you have no blankets available!

So how do you choose which kind of towel to stock up on? The best answer is to get a variety. Because it is impossible to predict your towel needs on any given day, it is a good idea to have bath towels in every size and shape that you can afford. This way you won’t ever find yourself stuck! You will want to find a bath towel retailer that stocks large towels, smaller towels, thick towels and thin towels because each type of bath towel has its own role in the household. Large thick towels are perfect for after a shower or a soak and thin smaller towels are great to have on hand for mopping up larger spills or for protecting a surface from drips.

Obviously which type of bath towel you stock the most will depend on you and your household. What kind of bath towels [] do you need the most? Is your home a busy one with many guests? Do you have very active children? Do you live alone? Do you have pets? All of these factors play a role in how many bath towels you should stock.

Figuring out your bath towel needs might feel a tiny bit trivial, especially if you are just setting out on your own. The truth is, however, that between gifts from others and the variety of circumstances that you will encounter in adulthood, you will probably find yourself the owner of more bath towels than you know what to do with! Good luck!