Christian Weight Loss – God's Weight Loss Solution

Have you been struggling with your weight? So very many Christians are facing this same ordeal. And like everyone else, we either fail to lose any weight at all or somehow we just can not manage to keep it off. Why is that?

The reason weight loss is such a struggle is we're using the same defective theories, assumptions and programs as everyone else, and we're getting the same results that they are. I'm sure you've heard it said many times before, that diets do not work. Most diets actually work against the body's natural metabolic processes. But the big difficulty with just about every diet available today, is they mainly focus on reducing calories and pumping up the exercise … and also giving up all your favorite foods while doing a lot more physical exercise. This approach to losing weight has proven to be tough, dull, and simply ineffective. Yet for some reason we keep running back to diet after diet without any real, permanent weight loss.

Discover The Christian Weight Loss Strategy

Yet, there is a Christian weight loss system that anyone can use and benefit from. It's a plan that can set you free forever from the pressures of dieting, obesity, and a host of health related problems that can result from being chronically overweight. But what is a Christian diet? Can a Christian lose weight by methods other than cutting calories and doing lots of exercise? I'm sure these are questions running through your mind … but here's the good news, God "Does" have a better way, and not just for Christians but for anyone who will find it … and use it.

You see, food alone is NOT the real reason obesity has reached epidemic proportions. The reason so many people are overweight is because they've put all of their trust in dieting and exercise as not just a solution to the problem … but as the ONLY solution to the problem. Sure, healthy eating and exercise does have a part to play in Gods' weight loss plan, but it's a fairly minor part.

A Christian Weight Loss Plan Shows You WHY You Are Overweight

Here's the real issue, more often than not, the forces that are driving weight gain, overeating, or compulsive overeating are the wounds in your soul. I'm referring to wounded emotions that may be buried so deep you're not even aware of them. Even if you have some idea of ​​the wounds you're carrying inside, there's probably no obvious connection between that and your overeating and weight problems. When in fact, the excess weight on your body is just a symptom of this noise issue … a symptom of hidden emotional wounds that affect "All" of your decisions and choices, including your decisions and choices about food.

A Christian weight loss program or "Christian Diet" can help you first unforgettable these wounds– so the hidden wounds that are at the root of your weight problem can actually begin to heal. The fascinating thing is when this healing takes place, it's no longer difficult to eat the food you like WITHOUT feeling "assembled" to overeat. As you learn from God's plan how to let go of this internal pressure, you'll find it easy to simply enjoy a serving of ice cream or a cookie– with NO desire or compulsion to keep going back for more until you've eaten the whole gallon of ice cream, or polished off the entire bag of cookies.

Can A Christian Lose Weight With This Program And Keep It Off?

So, can a Christian lose weight with this program where counting calories, restricting food, and even exercise are almost unnecessary? The answer is Yes, because you already have a relationship with God. You already have faith in His promises … and when you discover these powerful truths, it will literally set you free and give you a normal, healthy relationship with food. And your past feelings of fear, anxiety, or being out of control in regards to food are simply gone.

So What Is A Christian Diet, Really?

The Christian weight loss plan or "Christian Diet" is all about renewing your mind to what God says about your body and your health, and discovering Gods' plan for handling the situation. When that happens, something "Inside" of you changes and you no longer have the compulsion to always eat until you're stuffed, routinely chose unhealthy food, or use food not just as good-tasting nourishment– but as a way to calm emotional needs inside of you that you do not even fully understand. With the right Christian weight loss plan, many people shed excess pounds without any kind of special diet or exercise routine … because their internal desires and urges change.