Xbox 360 Repair Guide – Is it Right For You?

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If you have found this article you are probably searching for an Xbox 360 repair guide. If this is the case I have to assume that your Xbox 360 has recently broken and is displaying what experienced gamers have come to know as the red ring of death (RROD for short). This is an extremely common occurrence for owners of the famous Microsoft console. The good thing is because it is so common, the online community has come together and found some easy, and cheap methods to fix your gaming system by yourself. By reading this entire article you should have a good understanding of your available options, and be able to determine if an Xbox 360 repair guide is right for you.

I still remember when my Xbox 360 first malfunctioned. I was sitting around with my friends, Mountain Dews, and pizza in hand. Halo 3 had just been released that weekend and we had just started putting some serious hours into team death match. And then it just happened. Three red lights. I sat there awestruck, not knowing what to do. Devastation would have been an understatement.

I decided to place a call to tech-support. The Microsoft agent made it clear that my only option was to send in my console for repair. This sounded great at first until the next bit of information I was given. For one thing, the repair was going to cost me $ 150 since my console was not under warranty anymore. I had only recently paid $ 400 for my Xbox 360 and now I had to pay almost a third of that for a repair, when I did not cause the problem.

I got over that, and then he hit me with the next bit of info. The repairs could take as long as 2 months. Seriously. The agent tried to hurry the order along but I decided to politely declare his offer. There was no way on earth I was paying $ 150, and losing my system for 2 months. I started to look for other options online when I finally came across an Xbox 360 repair guide.

The first thing you have to know about me is, I've never fixed anything in my life. I can not even upgrade my computer by myself, so I was pretty skeptical as to whether or not an Xbox 360 repair guide was right for me. It turns out I had no reason to be skeptical.

I ordered a very detailed Xbox 360 repair guide online. Since it was digital it was delivered to me instantly. The guide came with step by step instructions, and videos that I could follow along with. The materials required were easy to find at any store. With the help of the guide, I was able to fix my console in under 2 hours.

Honestly my experiences with an Xbox 360 repair guide were nothing but positive. I firmly believe that anyone can follow along with one and do the repairs themselves.