Send Roses

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Roses are an ideal gift for special times. Roses are known as the "queen of flowers". A long-stemmed rose not only looks elegant but also gives a fine, sweet scent. No wonder roses are commonly associated with love and beauty! Roses come in lots of varieties and colors. Beside the wild and old varieties, hybrid rose flowers are also being grown nowdays. Although they stay fresh longer and are not so delicate, the hybrid roses do not have much of an aroma.

Roses can be given on lots of occasions to express your feelings. You can send them for an anniversary, birthday, get-well-soon message, news of a baby, sympathy, thank you, Christmas, Valentine? S day, Mother's day or because there is love and romance in the air! Of course, the most popular day for sending roses is Valentine's Day.

When sending roses to anyone, you should be aware of what the colors of the roses signify. Red indicates love and respect. Yellow roses communicate joy and friendship, while light pink roses say you are understanding, sympathetic or admiring. If you want to show appreciation or gratitude, do it with pink roses. Orange roses convey desire and enthusiasm, while white roses imply innocence and purity. Yellow roses with red edges are a sign that you are falling in love! Red and white roses in a bunch have been used by the Greeks at funerals, and denote bad luck for them. But they also mean unity for some people. Wiring two roses together to create a single stem is a sign of engagement. Just sending rosebuds indicates beauty, youth and innocence. A single rose is a symbol of simplicity.

When sending roses, they should be cut fresh to last from 3 to 7 days. Potted roses can also be sent if you want them to last much longer. Along with roses, it is a good idea to send a note or a card expressing your sentiments. Removing the thorns before giving them shows that you care. The leaves along the stems indicate hope. Roses can be ordered from a flower shop nearby, or through the Internet. Ensure that they are fresh and will be delivered in time. Select your roses thoughtfully, and turn the event into a memorable one.