Is It Possible a Guy Still Likes You When He Ignores You? Know If He Is Just Playing Around

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If you are wondering if the guy still likes you even though he behaves like you don’t exist, watch him carefully and learn to pick up signs that tells you that he still does! Here are some reasons as to why he is ignoring you even if he still has feelings for you.

It’s more than possible that he is trying to make you curious
One of the reasons why a man will ignore the woman he likes is because he wants her to be curious about his feelings for her. If he pretends that he does not care and ignores her, she will feel “pipped” and neglected and her ego will take a blow! To avoid this, she will try to attract him and interest him all over again.

He likes you but can’t handle it
In case he feels intimidated by you and does not know how to handle his feelings for you, he might just ignore you till he can gain confidence and pursue you. This is risky because you might just lose interest in him and get involved with another guy who is more confident and pushy.

He could be faking the disinterest
Even though he still likes you, he does not want to admit it for some reason or the other. Maybe he feels that showing you that he still likes you makes him look vulnerable and “weak” and he wants to prove that he is strong and independent. This could be the reason why he is faking the disinterest.

He wants you to chase him
There could be many reasons as to why he has chosen to ignore you. One of the most common ones is that he feels that it would make you chase him and pursue him. If he decides to play “hard to get” he believes that it would make him more attractive and unattainable to you.

He does not know how to pursue you
A shy guy who does not know how to pursue you or woo you will behave like he is not affected by you in any way. He will ignore you and pretend that you mean nothing to him. This is just a cover up for his true feelings and he will only behave differently when he gets more confident.

He feels insecure about your feelings for him
If he does not know how you feel towards him and is afraid of making a move towards you, he will ignore you till he knows how much you like him. A deep fear of rejection might make him neglect or ignore you.

He has lost interest in you and wants to move on
If he has really lost interest in you and wants to move on, he might ignore you to give you the message. Check and see if he seems happy with someone else. It is better to accept the reality rather than cling to something that is not real.