Youth Baseball Digest: The 3 Absolutes of Coaching Youth Baseball

Baseball is one of the most demanding sports to coach. The purpose and function of youth baseball is to provide a quality sports team experience that builds baseball skills, teachers team-first attitudes, builds a respect for authority and regulations, and develops an appreciation for the value and consequences of hard work.

To be a successful baseball coach, you must have an understanding of how the game is taught, played and practiced. There are three absolutes that every youth baseball coach should remember when they plan, organize, and prepare their "game plan" for the coming season! This article outlines those three absolutes.

The three absolutes of baseball are:

  1. Youth baseball is a game for youngsters, not adults.
  2. Baseball must be taught and practiced for success to be achieved.
  3. Discipline must be a part of every team's preparation and execution.

Now I will briefly explain what I mean by each of these absolutes.

Youth baseball is a game for youngsters, not adults.

When I say "Youth Baseball is for Youths" what I mean is that we have youth baseball for the youngsters that are playing it, not for the coaches that are coaching.You will find that kids can accept responsibility, become accountable, work hard, and learn from their team successes and failures, but at the same time they have to see purpose, see progress, and enjoy their participation. They must have fun.

For kids to love and appreciate the game they must be motivated, challenged, and enjoy the majority of their team time wherever it is a practice, a workout, or a game. There is no law that says coaches should not laugh, smile, joke and have "Light" moments with the team. I consider myself a pretty good baseball coach. My team discipline is strict. But, my players know exactly when they can goof off, joke around, crack on each other, or generally be "loose" as a team. They also know exactly when they have to be focused, attentive, and acting "by the book". The point I am trying to make here is that coaches have to understand that players need to learn to relax and as much as they need to learn to work and focus. It is a coach's job to teach them to enjoy them without guilt so long as their enjoyment comes from wholesome and proper behavior that is acceptable.

Baseball must be taught and practiced for success to be achieved.

Baseball is a sport that required a high level of commitment and dedication. It is important that players develop good work habits as early in their careers as possible.It is impossible to fake work or fake good practice when it comes to baseball. Those coaches, teams and programs that work extremely smart, work exceptionally hard, and that always work with a higher level of purpose and commitment are the baseball programs at the top of the "food chain". So, if you plan to coach, get prepared to practice. In fact, if you need to make sure that you have

Discipline must be a part of every team's preparation and execution.

I am a firm believer that teaching team and self-discipline are two of the most important roles of every coach in all sports. To be successful a player must learn to discriminate himself to stay out of trouble. To be build a championship atmosphere and environment, a coach must establish control of its players and staff. With discipline also comes respect. Without discipline, there can never be respect. Without respect your team will never achieve to its highest attention.

Players not only expect and appreciate a coach's discipline, but they also have a strong desire for it. Kids want to be controlled, instructed, and taught. It makes them feel like they are respected, appreciated, and a part of something worth wasting their effort and time in. When a coach displays no backbone, no will to control, and no will to handle adversity with a firm and strong demeanor, the players will not put their full and complete trust in him. Coaches should set team rules. The coach should display a willingness to plan, prepare, organize and execute both practice and game plans. This shows a high level of self-discipline on the coach's part. Teams emulate a coach's attitude, actions, and habits.

Instilling and maintaining a firm discipline builds a strong foundation upon which to build a championship season. I hope that you found this article to be informative. Please visit the Baseball Coaching Digest, Youth Baseball Digest, Baseball Digest Blog, and the Baseball Parent Guide for free baseball coaching articles, drills, and tips. Good Luck to you and your team in the coming season. Have a great day, Nick.