Best Effective Tools

It is high tension drama with lots of worries
When any new channels are in air with full of stories
Makes great impact when something special in head lines it carries
It is news almost in leading papers and in all the dailies

Now the dailies are full news of scandals, robberies and murders
Some prominence may be shown at the shooting down of intruders
The suicidal attacks and bomb blasts are prime news for circulation
Welfare and other works find hard mention or indication

Medias has always occupied the highest position and is considered as mirror
Enough care is taken to report it precisely without any error
The sanctity of news report is maintained very strictly
It is weighed deeply and thought over before reported correctly

It is one of the powerful medium for reporting news
Its impartiality and credibility is expressed with views
Normally no dirty game is played so far as the news are concerned
But of late it has involved in the race where some dignitaries are cornered

It is nice to report about the gloomy side of the ailing society
It may be taking as awareness drive with some news as variety
It has one of the strongest arms to report even what is not reported
We have seen the effectiveness of reports when even mighty is reported

Gone were the days when complete black out was to be imposed
It was taking enough of time even after trust was restored or reposed
Now with powerful print media and news, it has reached even remote
It has even provided a powerful weapon to restore peace and also to promote

How effectively can you serve the public interest?
What ingredient should be considered healthy or best?
This should be publicly debated and put to opinion
It can harm interest if submitted to as protesting union

So many disturbing news are now occupying prominent space
There is mad competition and even deadly and dangerous race
The news are reported only to highlight as first source to disclose
They have no interest whatsever to take up the ordinary cause

We come across many shows which are nothing but gimmick
It involves nothing new but lack super talent and basic
They serve only limited interest with no apparent forwarder
Their activities may then be restricted and act as totally inactive

Since they are considered as one the most effective tools
It becomes their prerogative and goal not to act as fools
They may loose all the respect if bound to narrow interests
Nothing may come out from their reporting as extra ordinary or best