Free Public Death Records


Death Obituary Records is one of the key records conventionally deemed as vital records. Like other records, its primary purpose is to keep tabs of both government and community although the subjects here are quite presumably no longer around. Variations on accessibility and restriction of death records exist from states to states but they are ultimately public records on legal count and are readily available in both free and fee-based versions.

There are basically two kinds of free public obituary records. The first kind is provided as a public service by the respective government departments. The second type is usually attached to an underlying purpose and often suspect in both quality and intent. Identity theft and viruses are known threats especially if torrent sites are the employed channels.

With patience, time and the right attitude, reasonably good death notice record compilation is possible without having to pay for it. The local cognizant government agency is a good starting point if you know where the death occurred. After all, they hold the most original and updated information and are in fact referenced by higher government and commercial information brokers. The problem with free public death certificate from government offices is that they tend to be raw and non-standardized, far from user-friendly. Be prepared for some degree of further work if they are intended for a functional purpose.

A great deal of information can be derived from obituary records. Beside family and other personal reasons, they are also used in Genealogy research and other form of historical studies. Personal particulars pertaining to the deceased, spouse, family and parents are generally listed. The deceased’s birth records are even part of the death certificates. If there are associated obituaries, they will most likely be attached too. Death Certificate is another key document in death records. They will show up in death record searches although certified copies or originals may need to be separately requested.

Free public obituary records are a great boon particularly with the advent of the internet. While we do not look forward to any direct cause for its usefulness, it’s a good idea to have on hand a way of going about things in case the need arises.