Herb Garden of Italy

Italy is well known for its good and tasty food and they are famous too for their herbs. It’s very possible if you want to grow your own Italian herb garden. We can find the most famous and best herbs from Italy. A well known Italian herb is the basil and you can use it in different Italian dishes. Don’t you know that basil is not just use for giving flavor to many Italian recipes; it can also help other plants in your garden? The basil herb plant can enhance the flavor of both the peppers and tomato plants and also they can stop some insects like mosquitoes and flies in attacking other plants in your garden.

We have another Italian herb called parsley which is somewhat hard to tend but its usefulness is varied. Parsley is best not just for Italian food but also for many other kinds of dishes. Parsley is also good in dealing with bad breath or stopping bad breath after eating a spicy dish. It can stop the strong smell of garlic or onion in your mouth. Usually, by tradition maybe, parsley is used as garnishing for different food or salads.

Another very popular Italian herb is the oregano. Oregano is useful as a food decoration and useful also as a flavor enhancer for food. The oregano produces very pretty small purple flowers during its full maturity. The oregano herb plant will be able to acquire its enhanced flavor as soon as it has completed production of its flowers and ready to be harvested. Another well known Italian herb plant is the Fennel. The fennel herb plant is particularly popular because of its seeds. Its seeds are usually used as decoration and flavor enhancer for the sausages of Italy. You have to make use of the fennel herb plant while it is young because it will lose its flavor during maturity. In order to savor well its flavor, you have to replant the fennel herb every few years as it is a perennial plant.

The rosemary is also a famous Italian herb which is an asset to your garden and usually compared to the basil herb plant. From a large shrub, the rosemary produces small and beautiful blue flowers. They attract bees and in that way they are a big help in your garden. The rosemary is frost sensitive even if they are a strong evergreen perennial plant. Don’t you know that the very famous garlic is also a well known Italian herb? Without this useful and beloved garlic, you can never say that your herb garden is complete. Garlic herb plant is not hard to tend, it can do well in any garden with just minimal attention. Garlic has so many uses, aside from the fact that it is our favorite spice and flavor enhancer for food, it is also medicinal.

Sage is also another favorite Italian herb. It is used in many Italian recipes containing meat and others use it for salads. The most flavorful part of sage is its new shoots – this will help the growth of the herb.

It is still very practical to plan – just before starting it – your Italian herb garden. Know first what kind of herb you want to grow and you want to use. Plan it well first!