Project Management – Tips For Successful Delivery

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. If not done correctly, using the right tools, the right people and the right philosophy, there is very high risk that the project will not meet the needs of the client in terms of quality and completion time and the company delivering in terms of cost.

Below are a selection of hints and tips designed to smooth the process of project management so hopefully everyone will be happy with the project.

1. In order to deliver a successful project, the Project Manager must focus on 3 vital elements, delivering the project on TIME, within the BUDGET and adhering to the QUALITY that was agreed at the planning stage.

2. "You can not manage what you can not measure" whether this time spent on a project or budget allocated for external resources, it is vital for successful project management that you have tools and processes in place that can measure every element that will affect the future cost of a project.

3. It is the Project Managers responsibility to ensure that everyone involved in the project has a clear vision of what the final deliverable will be. Everyone involved in the project must be focused in the same direction and any aspects that appear vague must be cleared in order to avoid any problems further down the projects line.

4. While it is important that the project team has a clear vision of the end game, it is vital that this vision matches up to the expectation of the client. It is vital for the Project manager to ensure there are clear sign off point within project so the client can approve the work as it evolves. Failure to include the client in such a way can lead to nasty shocks when it comes time to deliver. Some projects have a habit of evolving from planning to delivery, so make sure all interested parties are privy to the evolution process.

5. It is important for successful project management that the project included a clear planning stage to ensure that everyone involved is singing from the same hymn sheet. Invariably during the life span of the project, event and circumstance will conspire to change the initial project plan. In these events it is the role of the Project Manager to react and respond to these forces in order to keep the project moving forward.

6. The Project Manager must also keep every member of the team on their toes to ensure that the project is delivered on time. In some circumstances this could result in the Project Manager being seen by the rest of the team in a less than favorable light. This is an unfortunate aspect of the role, but one that the Project Manager must deal with and rise above, as once the project is delivered on time, on budget and to the wishes of the client, everyone will no doubt be friends again.

7. Set out clear goals for each individual aspect of the project. It is no use jumping in with both feet, if you can identify the important touch points through the project, then it is more likely everything will remain on track. If it is a large project it will be worth investing in some Project Management Software that will alert all interested parties with the millions that are approaching and the time that they have to complete them