Happy Tree Friends Cartoons

Cartoons are children's favorite programs, but as parents, it is very important to monitor what kind of fun programs they are watching because not all of them are recommendable for your child. Among them is the one series that is called the Happy Tree Friends. Although it looks like an innocent and harmless cartoon, it leaves a lot to be desired. It is full of violent scenes and the main theme seems to be death.

Cartoons should also be a way through which your child learns speech, surprisingly, Happy Tree Friends cartoon has some character who however speak nor make sensible dialogue but instead they mumble some incomprehensible word. This is the best way to kill your child's speech confidence ad if you want the best for your child, keep him or her away from this cartoon.

This program is available on the Internet and it is there before that you monitor what your children have access to from the Internet. It went online back in 2000, when it was represented at film festivals. It gained popularity the world over in countries like Canada, Brazil, Italy and Russia. From here, it was transferred to the television channels.

All the characters in this cartoon series are personified animals who share some common characteristics and this is how you are able to identify them. They have two front buck teeth and heart shaped noses. The episodes all start in a peaceful way but transgresses into violence. The creators of the Happy Tree fiends have released four DVDs with these animal shows and it has been a great success.