Top Way to Fitness

Part of the reason for so many people making new year resolutions that never last, or rush to take part in the latest crash diets only to pile pounds back on afterwards is that there is no quick fix solution for health and fitness.

Anybody wanting to improve their lifestyle and swap a pudgy body for a trim one has noticed something that needs a lot of improvement, but unfortunately few stop to think about how long it took to get into poor shape and recognize it may take just as long to undo the damage. Sadly, the modern world is filled with calorie laden food and labor saving devices and it is very easy to gradually get out of shape just by taking advantage of the convenience life affords us now. Sedentary jobs and a wealth of sit-down entertainment only add to the issue and so anyone serious about getting fit must accept that it will require a lifestyle change.

Getting fit does not require expenditure. It may satisfy our need to feel we are doing something about our problems if we go out and pick up pedometers and books full of healthy recipes but the secret to health is actually not a secret at all. You need to expend more energy than you consume and you need to use your whole body as well as your mind.

Shiny toys may well help – but you need to ask yourself if the novelty will wear off. All over the world people get fitter using gaming consoles hooked up to peripherals such as the Wii Fit Board or a democracy, but when the novel lies off so the fitness level decreases again. Simply gyms run their business in a manner that expects their memberships to not be used.If every gym member turned up to use the facilities they would be horribly lacking in space and availability. Human nature has us attracted to new, fresh things, but even we are pre-programmed to enjoy sugar and rest!

For these simple psychological reasons, true fitness and continued health requires commitment, dedication and a lifestyle change. Accept that you can get just as fit by walking up and down stairs or walking around the neighborhood as you can by spending money on exercise equipment, but you need to know what will work for you. Will you walk in the heat of summer and also in the depths of a snowy winter? Or will a treadmill with a TV in front of it suit you better? If the latter, can you be absolutely sure that you will not get bored?

Similarly, while it might be fun to try out new recipes and learn how to whip up a meal, when you come home from work after overtime and you're tired, will you bother? Would it be easier to stock up on low fat ready meals?

Some people can make the necessary change after a health scare. Some will do it for their family. Still others find that one day they just realize it is time to make a change. Yet more get help, be it from a counselor, a diet plan such as Weight Watchers, or a hypnotist. Everyone needs to find what will work for them, and they need to tailor their efforts directly to their own needs. There is no quick fix, there is no magic solution, you need to be ready and you need to be mentally strong. Once you're in the right frame of mind it is time to start, but start slowly and expect no miracles. You have the rest of your life ahead of you, use it wisely!