Simple Storage Shed Designs For Your Backyard

There a number of simple garden shed designs you can use for your backyard. These would be a nice complement for your greenhouse and enhance the overall appearance of your garden. They would also have some practical value as they would give you a place to store your garden supplies and tools.

One of the simplest garden shed designs you could choose would be the lean-to style shed. It consists of a flat roof with a slight pitch or no pitch at all. It is rectangular in shape and is designed to lean against another structure such as a garage or your home. It is great for a backyard which has limited space.

The pent roof style shed is similar to the lean-to style shed but it is designed to be a stand-alone structure. It has a flat single piece roof with a slight pitch or slope. It is rectangular in shape with a door located under the highest part of the roof. Sometimes it is designed with a window next to the door to give it extra lighting inside the structure.

A more complicated garden shed design, but still relatively simple to build, is the gable roof shed. This structure has an A-frame style roof. This roof has two sides with each side being the same size and pitch. It is an excellent choice for storing your garden supplies and tools because of the extra head space beneath its roof.

Whatever garden shed design you choose to build it is recommended you use a credible plan in the construction of the structure. This will help you get your garden shed completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. There are many resources on the internet that will provide you with information on how to complete your garden shed project. Some advice will be free and others will require some payment. Generally a resource which will cost you money will provide you with more specialized information and greater details with regards to the step-by-step construction of your shed. The money you spend may be more than worth it because of the time you will save and frustration you will avoid during the construction process.

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