Keywords Are Simply Tools That Link Visitors to Articles

When I first got started online there was a craze around the use of keywords. I'm sure you know that keywords are words people type into the search engines to find what they are looking for online.

Well you should not get too carried away with keywords especially when you're writing articles online to drive traffic to your webpages. Online search engines such as Google and others are constantly changing their algorithm around. This is like a set of rules that they secretly go by to determine what content gets ranked per keyword.

And to make things hard on all of us online marketers and website owners, they are constantly changing this thing around all the time. So instead of stuffing your articles with keywords in the title, body and resource box, try using these keywords less.

If you have not heard of LSI, this stands for Late Semantic Indexing. It's a new set of rules many of the search engines are using to determine which articles and content are relevant to searchers online. One little trick you can do when article marketing is use your keyword phrase in the title and leave it there.

Do not use it in your article body or anywhere else. I know it sounds very weird and not something that you've probably taught before, but it really gets your articles ranked high in the search engines.

For example let's say that you want to write an article centered around red Ferrari Enzo. This is a car so instead of using the phrase "red Ferrari Enzo", use keyphrases like "red sports car" or "bright race car racing down the track".