Fat Loss For Idiots – What's it All About?


"Fat Loss for Idiots" is the newest program in the busy weight-loss market. Will it work for you? Here are some facts to consider.

Fat Loss for Idiots is a web-based weight loss program. For about $ 40 (there are affiliate sites which offer discounts), you will receive a diet generator and for about half that amount you can get a handbook. You get to choose from among foods you like, and then the generator will come up with an 11-day menu plan. The company claims you can lose 9 lbs in 11 days.

In general, you are allowed four specified meals per day and provided guidelines on exercise, drinking water and limiting sweets. You are allowed three days off each week in which you are allowed to eat what you want. You cycle through the 11-day program until you reach your goal.

The program also provides such information as "10 Idiot Proof Rules for Fat Loss", "How to Drink Alcohol While Still Burning Fat" and tips on grocery shopping, dining out and late-night eating.

According to the Fat Loss for Idiots website and several review sites, the program teaches you to eat the right foods in the right patterns in order to lose weight. It is said to "shock" your body into losing weight.

"Fat Loss for Idiots" like many other programs has its fans and its detractors. Fans say the program teaches you the right way to lose weight without calories or carbs. It is a simple program that you can start immediately once you download the information.

Critics of the program say the food choice can seem bland and boring after a while. In addition, they say losing 9 lbs in 11 days is too rapid for people to be able to keep the weight off. They say that the 9 lbs is a large water weight that occurs in the first days of any diet program. They also point out that there is no support. You are simply given a diet and / or a handbook and are left to work out the details yourself.

In a nutshell, "Fat Loss for Idiots" can work if you want to lose weight quickly with a step-by-step program. However, you can probably get the same results by following the common sense techniques of eating less, exercising more, cutting out junk food and drinking more water. You may not lose weight quite as quickly, but you will be learning weight control skills that you will retain for life.