Army Games – Reasons to Play Popular Army Games

The Army games like America's Army have created their place in the hearts of large number of fans as real battle field game of today. Although some of the main action has been shown in the trailers but the real action is stronger than anything you have seen before. The popularity of this game has crossed borders even into the heart of Russia. Here are some important army games you can play online.

• Metal Slug Brutal
• Mud and Blood 2
• Commando Strike
• Art of War 2:
World Wars
• The Sniper
• Gun Master Onslaught 3
• Jungle Combat
• Shadow Ascent
• America's Army
• Turret Defense
• Mili And Tary Against War
• Sergeant O'Melly

The few things which you may need to keep in mind while playing these army games is that they are not single man action, army is team effort and the whole planning is done keeping in mind the different sides. The different sequences in the game have the real battle fields in front of you. The different aspects of the fight can be seen quite visible in here.

The best part of these games is that you can play them as slow and accurate to suit your mood, unlike the fast games like the racing or skating games. You can select different location to play during these games, so it can be a war zone in the Iraq or Afghanistan or a mission in China or Russia.

The Army of two is another exciting game that can be played by two players even from the distant locations. The game is quite realistic as it starts with two officers being called and briefed for their mission. The step of getting ready is fun also as you get the chance to select the different weapons.

The games like Warzone are giving some real picture of the battle field today. There are some good features like planning mode and strategizing. The Army games are not too complex; the overall experience of this can be quite high. You can have the game from various players infect four different roles can be adopted for playing this game. The training period is exciting as well. The weapons are totally real and believable.