Formal Shirts and the Lost Art of Ironing

Every year, more and more men enter into the professional, working world. Although it seems negligible, it becomes increasingly important that the value of being presentable is addressed. The unfortunate fact nowdays it would seem, is that being well dressed has become terrifically undervalued. More and more employees are apt to work in part time jobs, dressed in ill fitting uniforms without so much as a single consideration for presentation. Although this is a sad, inescapable truth, there are those who opt to follow more rewarding pursuits, and with that comes the responsibility to be well attired.

With the increasing speed of daily life, it has become quite a challenge to give any focus to the finer details of dressing and grooming. Ironing formal shirts seems absolutely tedious, and seems less important in the face of the growing need to tend to the useless minutia of filing and sorting through e-mails. Coupled with the popularity of dry cleaning, the care for one's formal shirts has lost its dignified status as a simple art form. The careful diligence of pressing just the right lines to form the perfect, crisp crease on a sleeve, the sublime beauty of banishing wrinkles to portrait stringent professionalism has been relegated to the bygone days.

Pressing one's formal shirt to perfection is only a fraction of a proud and greater whole. If carefully cultivated, this eye for even the subtlest of elements with translate to other facets of one's character. As simple as lighting a shirt may be, it speaks volumes to persons of great stature, who guard the gates of the corporate realm. Having such rigorous standards helps to prepare you for greater responsibility wherever and whenever the time should arise. Press your shirts, set out your best suit, buff your shoes to perfection and conquer the world with your best foot, and best formal shirt, forward!