Solar Pond Lights: An Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving Option for Your Garden

If you are sufficient enough to have a backyard pond or water garden, you are already aware of the aesthetic value that it brings to your landscape. However beautiful it is during the daylight, a well-lit pond can look absolutely magical at dusk or dark. Many pond owners are opting to use solar-powering lighting in and around their ponds due to the many attractive features and benefits that they offer.

Set it and forget it

As long as your lights get direct exposure to the rays of the sun, they will generate and store their own power. In the evening, the lights will turn on and remain illuminated through the night. Many models will switch on automatically, though some advanced models offer more control with an on / off switch.

Lights on and underneath the water

There are many different types of solar lights to choose from. The submersible designs can a gentle underwater glow, and the floating variety can add interesting effects on the pond's surface. Some varieties come with different colored bulbs so you can create some artistic lighting effects.

No more messy wires and electrical cords

Because solar lights are powered by a renewable energy source, they do not require electrical wiring. This makes it easy to illuminate areas of your yard that are not conveniently accessible to an electrical outlet, and it has the added benefit of eliminating the need to bury wires and cords.

Protect your fish

A solar-powered ornament located in or around your pond can be a simple and natural deterrent to nighttime predators. They come in many sizes and shapes that can compliment any type of landscape.

Save energy and money

Solar lights cost more money on sunset, but offer huge energy savings over time. They incorporate energy-efficient LEDs that can last for many years and are a viable "green" solution for any pond owner who is looking for eco-friendly landscape lighting solution.