Who Else Really Wants to Play Games and Make Money?

Are you one of these people that have become addicted to on-line gaming?

Do you relish in the thrill of being able to pit your skills, not just against an on-line game, but against a worthy opponent who is also on-line at the same time?

How about joining an online tournament across the globe?

Have you become so finely attuned to online gaming, that anything apart from the latest, coolest, and most challenging games, bores you to tears?

Have you been to an Internet Café recently, and seen many of the booths employed for ages while on-line games are taking place with much gusto (or somehow you have been the one that was waiting 'patiantly?' For your turn, or even trying to get in to send an important email).

Well, if you are one of these Gamers (do we have a word yet for an over-enthusiastic on-line games player?), Do you ever have a pang of remorse about how much time you spend on this drug-like craze. No, of course you do not, but check this out …

Would you believe that there are sites out there now that can offer you not just an opportunity for you to indulge in your favorite pastime, but also turn it into genuine money making home business?

Wow! Imagine that! When you get shouted at your boss / partner for 'wasting time in front of that screen', you just turn round and say 'but it's my job …'

Imagine telling your boss late (ie you roll in at 10.30 am) on one Monday morning that you just can not find the time to come to work any more … you're too busy trying out the latest, coolest, and mind -lining game to have a boring day time job any more. Anyways, you're making more money with your favorite pastime …

If any of you are having a pang of conscience right now, forget it! The US Government, in a recent survey, stated that 'short periods of high intensity, challenging games actually stimulate the brain, making productivity at work increase, not decrease'.

The point is, that this phenomenon has become so big, it can not be hidden away. The ground swell for on-line games has become unstoppable, as more and more of us have a greater amount of leisure time, more and more of us are taking part in this activity.

Bear in mind, we are not talking about gambling here, we are talking about actual games that have a great deal of skill involved, not just luck as in ordinary gambling.

As an active Gamer, you will be aware of the vast amounts of information contained on thousands of Games Forums and Chat Rooms, and if you are not an avid Gamer, then the language you will encounter may take some translation (not just from spotty faced teenager, but also the granddad in the next booth to you!).

So how can you possibly make a home business out of all this? I mean, to meet the strict strict gaming rules, stakes on games can not be more than around $ 10- $ 15 (although tournaments can be a lot higher).

But look at the way technology has moved to provide you with all the tools you need for effective on-screen performance. Next to porn sites (which I do not recommend) these games sites are driving technology forward, and with the surge in interest, comes masses of traffic to these sites.

Now, not to get too technical here, but the way to a successful web site is to enable masses of visitors (traffic) to come to your site very day. Alexa.com is showing about 4 times more traffic to some gaming sites than Virgin Atlantic, Ford, and Visa.

So, if you can identify a gaming site that combines all the latest, coolest on-line games, with people being able to identify who is available to play at any time, using a social networking facility, and an excellent and easy to understand pay plan, then join it while you can. Get in at the beginning, before millions join after you, locking in your (expanding) income stream while also enabling you to play the best games against the best opponents on the web (in fact – in the world).

Some of the world's largest network marketers are calling this phenomenon the next MySpace, UTube, Google, EBay.

Look around carefully, as there are a number of sites in pre pre-launch right now, and although many of us may have missed massive opportunities in the past (who wanted Microsoft shares in the 80's at $ 1?), Now is the time to search the net, and join one of a number of fledgling sites that will not remain embryonic for very long. Then, as they grow, so does your business and its 'Goodbye to your Boss, Hello Financial Freedom.'