Creating the Best Leveling Build

So you want to choose the best leveling build. Congratulations! Choosing the right leveling build can get you off on the right foot towards reaching level 80 quickly. In fact, choosing the right build can mean the difference between a frustrating few hours spend gaining a fraction of a level and easily zipping through an entire level in a short amount of time.

There are plenty of guides on the Internet that will show you what they believe to be the best leveling build available for any specific race or class; and while some of these do contain good information the majority do not. Furthermore, even the ones that do provide good information do not provide additional information about what to do once you have your optimum build. After all creating a good build is only half of the battle. The next step, actually implementing your build and playing the game, is what really counts at the end of the day. You can after all make as many good leveling builds as you want however unless you actually know what to do with them you will not be earning any levels and will find yourself spinning your wheels in the barriers.

The Zygor World of Warcraft leveling guide is one of the best around not only for its intuitive and well thought out choices for the best leveling builds, but also for its wealth of information relating to how to actually level to 80. What really sets this guide Apart from other ones available is the fact that it is available as an in game addon so you are never forced to leave the game window it to find out what you should be doing next. Additionally because the guide is available ingame it can be dynamically updated to show your current quests and what you should be doing.