Wine Coolers – Glass Front Refrigerators With A Special Purpose

Cooled white wine with a pleasantly baked chicken dish for dinner is delightful. So it's into your wine cooler to dig for the perfect white wine to service.

In a luxury kitchen, you should have a wine cooler installed. If you do not drink wine or at least not enough to justify a wine cooler, let me tell you what we did with a Sub-zero full sized wine cooler that was in the kitchen of a large house that we bought. This was a beautiful refrigerator, full length glass door, built into the wall next to the matching refrigerator and freezer. The problem was we do not drink a lot of wine. So we used this wine cooler as a fresh produce only refrigerator. It was great – I would install another one in the next kitchen in a heartbeat to use for the same purpose. It extended the fresh life of fruits and vegetables considerably.

But let's get back to wine coolers. These are specially stacked refrigerators that are set at slightly higher temperatures than your regular refrigerator, designed to keep whites at the perfect serving temperature.

The racks are designed to hold each bottle individually and at the correct angle so the cork is always kept moist. (You know that a dried out cork will let air see into the bottle thereby ruining the wine.) If you have a need of such a cooler for white wines, then you may also need a place to keep the red wines as well. A great place would be in the pantry or in the butler's pantry. You may want to add a section in the wall shelving with the special slanting and braking to hold bottles of red wine. Red wine, as you already know, is served at room temperature, not cooled.

But let's get back to the coolers. There are under-the-counter wine coolers that are reliably inexpensive and can be impressive looking. Although, these are referred as compact or smaller coolers, you can keep more than one case of wine in them, so they are quite enough for many people. You can have one included in the kitchen island that you are adding to the new kitchen. You will have power at the island so that is taken care of; the cooler needs no plumbing.

If you are a lover of wines or just enjoy having the treat of your favorite white wines on hand, ready to drink at the correct temperature, then you really should consider the benefits of a wine cooler in your newly remodeled luxury kitchen.