Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs – 2 Things That Make Cats Better Pets

I have had the privilege of having both a cat and a dog as pets in my household. I believe from this experience that, cats make better pets than dogs. Cats are disliked by many people and I believe it's because they are so misunderstood. Dogs have a few benefits but they take way more work to care for than cats. Truthfully, I think it depends on which type of owner you are or want to be.

The first reason cats are better pets than dogs is that dogs require more work from the very beginning as puppies. Puppies have to be trained and this can take a long time to accomplish. Puppies will go to the bathroom anywhere they feel like going until you train them. My puppy spent much of his puppy years on the back porch because it took him a long time to understand not to go to the bathroom everywhere around the house. My cat however, did not have to be trained. When she was just a little kitten, it was automatic that she went in the litter box. I was amazed at how she instinctively knew to use the litter box. We did not have to take the cat outside to use the bathroom three times a day like you do with a dog. You do however, have to scoop the poop out of the litter box and change the litter frequently to avoid stinky smells in your house which is very easy to maintain.

The second reason cats are better as a pet is that they only eat the amount they need. If you pour a pound of food in a bowl for a cat, it will only eat until it is satisfied and leave the rest of the meal for later. Dogs are greedy, especially puppies. Dogs will eat everything you put in the dish in one feeding. You can not leave a dog alone for a couple of days, leave a large amount and expect for a dog to make the food last through the days. It felt good knowing that we could go out-of-town for the weekend and leave the cat at home by herself. We would fill 2 big bowls before we left, one with water and the other with cat food. We would always return to a happy cat that still had plenty of food left in her dish. If you have a dog, he will need to go to a friend's house or boarding place until you return, which can be expensive.

I loved both my cat and my dog ​​in my younger years. I hope to be able to provide a home in the future for more pets. When my children decide they want a pet, I will be sure to tell them the good and bad of pet ownership. Cats will always be my favorite household pet and I will encourage my children to pick a cat to make things easier.