Do It Yourself Xbox 360 E74 Fix – What Microsoft Does not Want You to Know

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The Xbox 360 is an interesting game system. On the one hand, it has great games, an amazing online infrastructure in place, and a large community of gamers available at every time of day ready to play you in whatever game you choose.

On the other hand however, you have the red ring of death, disc drive errors, and endless amounts of frustration when one of these things happened to you. A very common error code that comes up on Microsoft's gaming console is E74. If you have recently come down with this, do not worry an Xbox 360 E74 fix is ​​easier than you think.

Determining If You Have The E74 Error

The first thing you must determine when looking for an Xbox 360 E74 fix, is if your system is actually plagued by the E74 error. If you're not sure, it's easy to figure out. If you have this specific error, the Xbox will display a black screen on your TV, and will actually say E74 on the screen, with a message to call Microsoft support. Furthermore, you will see one red flashing light, in the right lower quadrant of the ring.

Xbox 360 E74 Fix – What Not To Do

If you've determined you have the E74 error your first reaction may be to call Microsoft customer service. Honestly, if your warranty has expired, do not even bother. First of all they will charge you close to $ 150 for repairs, shipping and handling, and insurance. And if that is not bad enough, they'll hold on to your console for as long as 2 months. In my opinion, this is just ridiculous. I do not think the cost, or the length of time is justifiable, for a system you already paid so much money for.

One Xbox 360 E74 fix that gets recommended a lot, but is not something you should try is the towel trick. The towel trick entails you wrapping your system in a towel, and powering it on until it overheats. The theory is that once you let it cool down, turn it back on, your Xbox will be fixed. This often works but only for a short time, and in can have many negative long term effects on your gaming system.

Xbox 360 E74 Fix – Do It Yourself

The Xbox 360 E74 fix I recommend is to get a guide and to do it yourself. While this may seem daunting at first, I can assure you that with proper instructions it is very simple. Most of the tools required to do an Xbox 360 E74 fix are common household items. The other good thing about doing it yourself is that you can finish in under 2 hours and the fix is ​​permanent.