Bird Watching – Food to Attract Birds

Bird watching is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country. To obtain sightings, you can either go to the birds or try to bring them to you.

Bird Watching – Food to Attract Birds

First off, birds want nothing from you with one exception. Food is that exception. Just like any animal, the next meal is nearly always on their minds. Of course, that is true for us as well, but I digress! When it comes to birding, you can go to the birds or bring them to you. If you prefer to have them come to you, an understanding of what they like to eat is important.

The most obvious food that attracts birds is bread. The image of people feeding birds in the park is an age old one and an accurate one as well. While just about any bread will due, you can do much more. Broken up muffins seem to be high on the culinary list of most birds. Cornbread and donuts are also known to bring them in.

On a less obvious note, peanuts should be a staple of your feeding arsenal. The peanuts need to be sheled as most birds have problems cracking them given their size. Unlike humans, you should avoid salted peanuts when tempting our feathered friends.

Once you have your peanuts together, you need to give some thought as to how you will present the bait. If you put the peanuts out in an open pile, you are probably going to be disappointed. Birds will simply haul them away to a secret location instead of staying around. Try putting them into the mesh bags you get with and then hanging them or tying them to something. Birds can still get the peanuts out, but they can only take a few.

Carrying the theme of peanuts a bit further, you can not go wrong with peanut butter. Frankly, the stuff is crack for birds. They love it and can not stay away. The best way to set the bait is to locate holes on your feeder or around the feeding area. Simply fill them up with peanut butter, sit back and watch. The show will start soon.

There are very few ways to attract birds to a location. Fortunately, the desire for food is near universal.